Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.

We had a very special Valentine's.
We got you two balloons and a book, I Love You Through and Through. Daddy got Mommy a popcorn Maker. (we will get a lot of use out of it). You and I got Daddy a Lego Star Wars game for the wii.

You had your first ever piece of chocolate. You weren't terribly impressed.

We had blueberry waffles and eggs for breakfast.

We had Asparagus soup and jalapeno and corn muffins for lunch. You weren't as excited about the asparagus soup as you were the last time you had it so we also gave you some leftover pizza.

We also went clothes shopping for you. All of your pants were too short. Some of the outfits you got for Christmas and your birthday are already too small. We bought you clothes in size 2T. I can't believe the pants fit you. You pretty much skipped right over the 18 months clothes. They only fit you for about 2 months. Slow down boy, you have plenty of time to grow!

To end the night we went out for Mexican.
You loved it!
And you were very well-behaved.
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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