Wednesday, April 8, 2009

16 Months-Old

You turned 16 months-old today. You just keep getting bigger and more amazing everyday. Your growth has finally slowed down a bit so you have been wearing the same sizes for a couple of months. You have begun to say some new words, car being your favorite. I must hear that word at least fifty times a day.

Your most amazing achievement is that on April 5th you began reading about 16 words. That's right you can now read words that you can't even say yet. I know you're wondering if you're not talking how do I know that your reading. Well, about four months ago I made some flash cards for you and we started watching a video that shows common words and their corresponding pictures. You love your videos and often point for me to get your flashcards when we are sitting at the table. I try to update the cards with words or things you are currently interested in. About a week or so ago I added car to those words because of your fascination with saying it. I think that one word made everything click for you.

On April 5th you pointed for your cards while Daddy was feeding you a snack. He pulled out the card that said car and asked you what it said and lo and behold you said car! Initially, we thought it was a fluke until he held up the next card. The card said nose. When Daddy pointed to the card and asked, " Do you know where this is?" you pointed to your nose. Amazing! Some of the cards you didn't know but you got a whopping 16 of them. Even more crazy was that when you recognized the word you immediately pointed to the body part or did the sign (we use some sign language) or acted out the card without any prompting. When the card said "arms up" you immediately put your arms up in the air. When the card said "Elmo" you pointed to Elmo. When the card said "goodbye" you waved. Actually that was funny because you didn't get the word wave. I was also surprised that you didn't get the word clap because it is one of your favorites but, to my astonishment, you did the sign for all done when we showed you that card. Your not reading books or anything crazy like that but you have learned 16 sight words. An awe inspiring feat at 16 months old. Another milestone you achieved this month is sleeping without your binky. You are still getting used to the idea. We have had a couple of rough nights but everyday is a little better.

You have also started to eat with a fork with help and you enjoy many finger foods. We rarely feed you anymore unless we are having soup or cereal.

Unfortunately I didn't post for your birthday last month. We were settling into our new place and you got a nasty cold right before the big day. I have posted some pictures from the last two months to catch us up.

Yup, you're still a ham.This monkey is one of your new best friends. While visiting with Ava you wore one of her backpacks the whole time you guys were playing together. I just knew we had to get you one of your own.
You are still a daredevil. In this picture you are standing on top of your old bassinet. It was filled with toys and stuffed animals so it must have taken some muscle for you to turn it over.

You love playing in our new yard. It has lots of space for you to run and drive your cars.

Again daredevil. Especially because you are messing with Mommy's coffee. Is nothing sacred in this house? ;)
I had to move all your window gels up after this fiasco. One thing I have learned is that a quiet house is a scary one. If you are content and quiet I better run to see what you are up to. The only exception to this is when you are looking at your books. You will sit quietly and flip through them for awhile. In general you are either running or sleeping. There is no middle ground.

Here is a perfect example of you chillin' with some books. This pile is from the library. I think we've taken out just about every board book they have.
Happy birthday little boy. And never forget, We love you through and through.

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