Monday, September 29, 2008

Safety First

When we moved into this apartment we knew we had a very important project to deal with ASAP. Our uncovered radiators were hot! Now that Teige is pulling up on things, including the radiators, this become a very urgent problem. We needed some radiator covers STAT.

We started looking around online and found that radiator covers start at around $150. With 5 radiators in our place this was not an option, especially in a rental. We found some plans to construct covers online. Sadly, our tool supply is pretty limited.

Thankfully, we have a very handy man in our family. Grandpa (a.k.a Steve, a.k.a mom's better half ) spent the better half of last week constructing these covers for us. (Karl helped a little)

Aren't they beautiful. Such an improvement not only to Teige's environment but also the entire aesthetic of our place. I wish I wasn't too lazy to search for a before picture for you... but I am. We are so pleased with the end result. Thank you Steve, thank you for selflessly offering your expertise, time, and resources, thank you for giving us peace of mind for our child's safety, can't say it enough thank you.

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Last night Karl and I worked on a very sad project. Fall is coming and we needed to pack up the clothes that no longer fit Teige to make room for some warmer clothes. He is wearing size 12-18 months and we still had 6-9 months things in his closet. I know, I just need to let go.
Notice the rather large pile next to the baseball cap? These are newborn caps I just couldn't bear to get rid of the last time we packed up the tiny items.
Space bags are just an amazing thing. How would we go on without them?
Whoops forgot to flip this one. Well, you get the idea.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple Picking

Last weekend we went apple picking with Grandma, Grandpa, and cousin Kiera. It was alot of fun. This weekend we will be making apple crisp with our pickings. If you have any good apple recipes please send them my way.

If you want to see more pics of Teige please visit my mom's blog here. She has some great pics and videos through Grandma's eyes.

Recent Videos

Here are a couple of recent videos of Teige. I know it has been over a week but I really am trying to keep this up to date. I spend more time trying to figure out how to post here than I actually do posting. Please bear with me.

This video was taken last Sunday. The tire swing seemed to lull Teige to sleep more than it excited him. We are lucky to have so many great parks near our apartment. We have no trouble finding a place to play.

This video was taken on 9/19. Look at what a daredevil Teige is turning into. He has an adventurus spirit and has a very hands-on approach to problem solving. He is always trying to figure out how things work.

Finally, this video is pretty representative of how Teige pretends to read books. He will do this for about an hour on a good day. These are the days I am able to get supper on the table by the time Karl gets home. Which is not how things have been going lately. This video was taken on 9/12/08.

I hope you have enjoyed the videos. I will continue to try to update this blog more frequently. Of course, this depends on Teiges nap schedule which is when I get some computer time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

On our way to meetup with some moms and tots today we had car trouble. Sadly, we never made it to our destination. We were stranded at a Dunkin' Donuts in the middle of nowhere. Now, I love D+D as much as the next girl but Teige is not a huge fan.
Thankfully, I was well prepared. We were able to enjoy lunch at a nearby picnic table while waiting for Karl to rescue us.
Since Karl takes the train to work we were stuck for awhile. We did our best to make the most of the situation. Teige loves watching cars speed down the road (and yes, because of this, I fear the day I can no longer restrain, I mean contain him with a stroller). Since we were near a main street we happily watched the traffic.
After awhile Teige grew tired of this.
So, we decided to go on an adventure.

I told you we were in the middle of nowhere!Finally, Karl came and rescued us. And they lived.....

Okay, we only made it about 2 miles before we had to pull back over.
In the end we made it home safely. This very long day got me thinking. I used to consider myself pretty prepared for disaster. I always have a backup outfit for the baby and a decent stash of diapers on hand. We have jumper cables and the charger for my cell in the car. Because I am a nurse I have a ridiculously well stocked fist aid kit in my trunk. Now that I have Teige I realize this is not enough. This weekend I plan to add a gallon of water , spare can of formula, and a heavy blanket to my arsenal.
How are you prepared for the unexpected?

What a Wonderful World

Yesterday, after returning from playgroup, I was reminded of what an amazing father my husband is. While dumping sand out of my son's shoes, pants, and diaper it became obvious that a bath was in order. Then it hit me, I haven't given this cherub a bath since he was about four-months old.
You see, in our house, bathtime ( for that matter any activity after 6 pm) is sacred "Daddy Time". NO MOMS ALLOWED! Although I have witnessed, occasionally participated in it, this ritual, I have not actually bathed my son since he took the leap into the "big tub".
Karl finally got to hear that sweet ringing today. The call from me; Honey, where do you put the dial on the faucet to get the water to the right temperature for the baby's bath?
So yeah, I'm pretty lucky. And grateful. And overjoyed. My husband is top banana in my book.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Over the River . . .

Frequently, as CEO of Teige Corp, travel is required. Today was one of those days.

My boss, Teige, and I attended an important conference.........

Okay.. okay, we went to a playgroup in Somerset.

This plaground was great! It overlooked the water. With school back in session, our group had the place all to ourselves.

Buried treasure was the theme for the day.

We dug for pirate money and redeemed our "gold" for treasure.

Here is a good pic of Teige with his booty.

With the help of a loaned GPS (thanks Mom!), I was able to enjoy a serene drive home. I love cruising through the winding backroads of the boonies. Especially when I don't have to worry about looking for street signs.

The wonderful scene when we arrived home.

I Love playing with my boy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to my blog.
I am often trying to find the time (o.k. willpower) to document my life, our life, for my son. As this last year has whizzed by I realize it is all slipping by so fast. So, I am setting a goal for myself to document at least weekly the wondrous, the mundane, the happy, the sad, the stolen moments that will make up our history. It is a task I am afraid to write down here. An actual commitment, in black and white, for all too see. I hope you will all enjoy watching this little boy, this little family, grow. This is my mission statement, if you will. The reason I am here:

To document for you, sweet boy, the moments that will define who you are. You may not know where you are going but you will always know where you came from. I love you Teige.