Sunday, February 8, 2009

14 Months-old

You can walk backwards like nobody's business.

You say popcorn, peek-a-boo, and hello.
You still refuse to say Mommy or Daddy. I say refuse because you babble mamama and you will look for Mommy and Daddy when we ask you where we are. I mean, c'mon, you can say peek-a-boo but not Mommy?

You love to sing-a-long to music, bah-ba-ba.

You still love to bust-a-move, too.

You can climb onto both couches by yourself.

You love to open and close things; containers, doors, really anything you can get your hands on.

Your favorite toys are your airplane, broom & dustpan, cars, spin-a-letter, and monkey drums.

You still love to bring us books and make us read them to you over and over and...

People often ask if you are two years-old when we are out together. You have grown 2.25" since your first birthday. You are 2' 9.5" tall. You were a size 6 shoe and size 18 months clothes. ( you have just started to wear some 2T shirts this week.

And guess what? You're still my little boy. I love you baby!

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