Monday, February 9, 2009

Our New Place

We moved to a new apartment last weekend. It is just around the corner from our old place.This is the place. We live on the first floor. I am loving the big screened porch.Another chair will join this one soon. And some plants after the last frost. (Not soon enough!)You enter from our front hall into the living room. The living room opens into the Dining room. See the beautiful light we have. We have wonderful exposure all day. Lots of great big windows in this place. The house is old but the windows are new.More amazing windows in our dining room/ playroom/ office. It all fits beautifully. This is the biggest room in the house.
Office/ craft/ sewing area. The hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom is on the right in this picture.More amazing windows in the Kitchen. One curtain completed and hung before the move in. I need to sew it's mate.Plenty of room for all the cooks in this place!Teige's room is at the end of the hall. The other door in his room (on the right) leads into the kitchen. We have opted to leave it permanently closed so he doesn't run around the house in circles all day and so we can keep better tabs on his whereabouts. As if he leaves my side for more than a minute ;)

Plenty of floor space, for an active boy, in here. Thankfully those mats work wonderfully at cushioning his tumbles.

More beautiful windows and wonderful light. Lucky boy. We gave him the best room in the house.

View of the backyard out his window. We plan to hang a swing, from the big tree, when the weather gets nicer.

A closet with a door, yay! A huge closet at that. (Bigger than ours!)Yeah, I couldn't resist bringing in the slide. We need to practice for the upcoming playground season. Well, this concludes our tour. I forgot to get a picture of the huge clawfoot tub (I can stretch my legs all the way in it) and the big window in the bathroom. Oh, and our room. Truly it isn't exciting enough to get photographed.
p.s. I have to apologize I tried to uplaod a video for the last two hours and now I am giving up. Oh, blogger why must you mock me?
p.p.s. this is why I don't upload videos that often

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Nana said...

Thanks for the tour. Looks like a nice place. Teige is quite the little explorer. I'm sure he loves all the space.