Monday, January 12, 2009

13 Months-old

You turned 13 months-old on Thursday. This is a piture of you, on that day, with your drum on your head. You walk around with it on your head for longer than I would expect you to tolerate it. You look like a little spaceman. This last month you have been very interested in bringing daddy and me books to read to you. Sometimes when I give you back a book, I have just read you, you hand it back to me to read to you again. Other times you bring me book after book until I have read most everything on your bookshelf. You also bring me toys to play with and things you want opened. You still love to climb and I need to rearrange the furniture, almost daily, to keep you safe. You still love bathtime and reading with Daddy before bed. You are growing so fast. Please slow down. I don't want to miss a thing!The holidays had been so crazy I realized I hadn't even put any pictures up. Although I am glad the holidays are over it was so nice to catch up with all of our family. Here you are with Auntie Val. We had a family party at your Aunt Erin and Uncle Mark's house. You can see Aunt Erin in the background here.
Your Nana came to visit and brought Joey and Brianna with her. It was so nice to see the three of you together. The last time you saw them you weren't even crawling yet.

Here is a picture of you and Daddy in front of the big fish tank at Bass Pro shops. You look so little. You loved watching the fish swim around. You had your picture taken with Santa on this day. You weren't scared of him at all. You were content to sit on his lap. We were the only ones there, due to a big snowstorm, so you got to visit with him for quite some time.

Here you and Daddy are at Aunt Meg and Uncle Frank's open house on Christmas Eve. You didn't last long. It was our second party of the day and you were ready for bed.

Now that the holidays are over we will add some new excitement to our lives. At the end of this month we are moving to a new, bigger apartment. There will be more room for you to play and a bigger yard to explore. Your bedroom window looks over the backyard, actually there are a ton of windows to look out. I think you are going to love it there!
Here are a couple more pics to sum up you at 13 months.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see some new pics up. He is getting so big. The "space man" pic is my favorite! I wish we had more pics from Christmas.