Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your First Haircut

This weekend your Daddy and I brought you to get your first haircut. What an adventure! There was an hour wait. During which we: went shopping, fed you lunch, and hoped you wouldn't get cranky. You were such a trooper.

Evidence of how badly I needed to let go and sacrifice your baby locks.Despite the boy that screamed bloody murder throughout his haircut, you were happy to get up into the chair. Just look at how excited you were.You waited patiently for the excitement to begin.

The hairdresser loved cutting your hair. She was very impressed by how laid back you were. You giggled and scrunched up your face every timee she worked on the back of your head. It must have tickled you.

Ahhh... I can see those beautiful baby blues. You get those from me you know.

So handsome! I am a little sad because you look like such a big boy.
Don't worry about me I'll get over it.

1 comment:

Anne Seiden said...

He does look older! He's growing up too fast!
Love, Nana