Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching Up

Technical difficulties have stalled my blogging. To make a long, boring story short, Karl had to back up all of our files to another hard drive, wipe this computer clean, and reinstall everything. Not fun. I am back up and running now. I did realize as I started to post that I had to reinstall CS3 and our camera software first. So now I will do my best to catch up before something else distracts me.

These pictures were taken after returning home from Auntie Beth's birthday party. You were so well-behaved. I thought the loud and large crowd would scare you but you were quite the personality. You were crawling up to complete strangers and climbing up their pant legs, flashing your best, aren't I adorable?, smile. I think you are just very comfortable there. You love playing with Sammy ( the dog) and all the attention Auntie Beth and her girls shower on you.

I sometimes wonder where you get the Evil Knievel streak from. I don't think I was that much of a daredevil. You have been scaling the couch for sometime. And now this....
Suddenly all of your toys have become step stools or climbing structures. Actually I have become an obstacle course for you, you love climbing over me when I lay on the floor.

I am not looking forward to the days when you start climbing trees!

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