Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Vist with Aunt Ellen

I am quite ashamed that during a visit with a good portion of the family your father and I managed to miss any opportunity of taking their photos for you. We are so used to shooting you we really missed the boat on this one.
Your Aunt (o.k. she's your Dad's aunt but, I don't think she'd appreciate the "great" title) was up from North Carolina visiting and the best shot we managed to get was this one with her foot in the background. Nice, huh?

You were really enjoying this rocking chair. It is your Uncle Bob's (another "great" guy), he's a little big for it nowadays so you got the honors.
You were having a ton of fun rocking.
We did manage to get a picture of you with Grammy. Oh, and the back of Uncle Mark's head. And that's why I have this blog, to celebrate everyday with you and fill in all the little details I missed.

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