Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More fun feeding the Animals

When we go to the park to feed the animals I never seem to get any good pictures of you interacting with the animals. I guess this is because they only care about us when we are feeding them and I have not figured out a good technique for feeding the animals, making sure you are seeing what's going on, and snapping pictures.
This time I figured you were old enough to feed the animals while I snapped away.
Yeah, right. This is you tormenting the animals by snacking on the carrots we have brought for them. I am pretty sure you know what you are doing because you have the hugest smile on your face and you aren't looking at the carrot you are chowing on, you are looking right in to the eyes of the horse or goat or llama. Maybe in a couple more months.
Poor Donkey, please accept my apology. My baby may or may not know any better. I promise to give you the carrot after he's had his fun.
Really he is a sweet boy. I am sure he'll give it up any minute now.
It was cold on this particular day (seriously it was in the mid-thirties). This is what it took to get you out of the house comfortably: onesie, turtleneck, sweater, puffy vest, leggings, pants, socks, sneakers, and hat. It is quite a struggle getting you to cooperate but so worth it. We are New Englanders darn it! Nothing short of a blizzard will keep us crammed in the house for too long.
By the way, that dumbfounded look on your face was in reaction to the events in the next picture.
Yep, we had a blast! Next time I think I'll bring a snack for you. I'll man the carrots.

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