Friday, November 7, 2014

Long Overdue Return to Blogger

I had an awesome night with the boys tonight and, as is my default, I thought to share a post on Instagram or Facebook. The thing is, I don't necessarily want to share these memories with my feeds.  I just want somewhere to record and archive my memories. Facebook and Instagram are not great platforms for memory keeping but their ease of use has had me documenting on them for far too long. I've been telling myself I would return to Blogger for the last couple years. Hopefully this post will be the first of many new posts on the blog.

So, tonight... Karl has returned to a M-F schedule for the month of November. Because this was his first week back to a "normal" schedule, it was a long week. He worked his usual 12-hour shift on Saturday and then had Sunday off before returning to a M-F schedule. Karl and I knew we would all be tired tonight so we planned a family pizza and movie night.

We rented Short Circuit, at Ezra's request. The boys giggled their way through the whole movie. It was such a joy to be cuddled up, on the chaise, between these two. They thought the movie was hilarious and I loved watching their response to number 5's antics. After the movie was over, which was past the boys' bedtime, they asked to stay up "just  a couple minutes" so they could have a robot dance party in the moonlight. They were so silly. It was a bit if a challenge getting them to settle down for bed after that but it was so worth it. My heart is so full. I am ready hop into bed myself now.  I just need to find a spot to squeeze in next to the king of the bed a.k.a. Asher. 

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