Monday, December 8, 2008

The Birthday Party

We celebrated your birthday on Sunday with our family. What a production it was. Your father and I were busy little bees the past two weeks planning this party and making all of your special birthday decorations. We made two buntings out of coordinating fabrics. We put your name on the bunting for your highchair and left the longer one blank to hang up above your chair. We also made a "Happy Birthday" sign out of fabric circles. We made a birthday crown for you out of felt and ribbon because every boy is a prince on there birthday, nevermind that you only wore the crown for a nanosecond before you ripped it off your head. We also made you a birthday shirt with a big 1 on the front that matched your birthday banners. You looked so handsome. We greeted our guests with a "Welcome to Teige's birthday bash" sign on the chalkboard by our front door. Oh, and balloons. We had lots of balloons in red, dark blue and light blue. You also had a Sesame street babies mylar balloon. Everything looked beautiful.

Uncle Noel recorded everyone singing happy birthday to you. You weren't sure what all the excitement was about but you sure enjoyed it.

In attendance for your party were; your father and I (of course), your Grandma Daniels and Grampa Steve, Your Grampy Daniels and Nana Daniels, Auntie Emily Uncle Noel, and cousin Kiera, Your Great Grandma Corliss (Grammy), Auntie Val and Uncle Todd, and Uncle Mark and Auntie Erin. I made you your own Devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting. It said Happy Birthday Teige in red and had a sparkly blue 1 candle. I made red velvet cupcakes for our guests with cream cheese frosting. Some of the cupcakes had red, blue, and green sparkles.

For food we had 7-later dip and chips and empanadas. All homemade. The house was packed with people who love you. You got lots of wonderful gifts.

Your father and I got you Fisher Price zoo animals set, a fabric growth chart with a rocket ship on it, two nursery rhyme books with audio cds, a Kevin Stays Overnight book, and a "big boy" upholstered rocking chair with matching ottoman.

Your Grammy C got you an alphabet inchworm pull toy. It sins songs and teaches you letters and colors. My favorite part of this toy is that it has a phonics mode. In phonics mode when you press a letter it tells you the sound the letter makes.

Your Grandma D and Grandpa Steve gave you a ride on horse that hooks up to the t.v. like a video game. You can also bounce and spin on the horse and it plays songs and makes horse noises. They also got you a cute little pinstripe suit with a tie. It matches one that your daddy has. They also got you a cute yellow t-shirt that says little monster on it and alien pj's with rocket ships that match your bedroom. And a drum with other instruments stored inside and a music cd to jam along with.

Your Nana and Grandpa S. sent gifts for you. Your Nana will be up to see you in two weeks with your cousins Joey and Brianna. I think great minds think alike because Nana also got you the ride on horse that hooks up to the t.v.. Both Nana and Grandma knew you would have great fun with this toy. Nana and Grandpa also sent a cute hat with earflaps that you seem to love (you keep it on). Cousins Joey and Brianna sent beautiful handmade cards. You can tell that they spent alot of time drawing pictures for you. They both sent there love and miss you very much.

Grampy and Nana D. got you two cute little track sweatsuits. One is blue and gold and the other was black and red. Auntie Val and Uncle Todd got you an elmo guitar. Auntie Emily, Uncle Noel and Kiera got you a book set with hide-n-seek flashcards and a set of mirror cards that let you look at your face in an airplane, or monkey or other cute scene. I love the learning activities they provide and the parent guides that came with the set give me different ideas of how to play with you and teach you knew things. They also gave you a set of Nick Jr. shape books that are stored in a shape sorter box and The Boys Book, How to Be the Best at everything. Again, great mind... Kiera made you a sparkly card that she decorated and drew a picture for you. Uncle Mark and Aunt Erin gave you a plush three little pigs set with soft houses that plastic pigs and the big bad wolf hide inside.

Woo, think that was everything. I hope I didn't forget anyone. You had so many wonderful presents it was hard to keep track of them all.

This video was the aftermath of your cake. You got a hang of smashing it pretty quickly and made a fine mess. We had to give you a quick rinse in the shower before opening your presents.

This movie was taken after all the guests had left and you were able to have a nice refreshing nap. When you woke you were able to check out your balloons and decorations a little better without all the excitement. Grandma D. and Grandpa S. stuck around to see you play with all of your new toys. It was a very fun day for everyone!

The next video was taken on your birthday, the day after your party. Daddy had taken the day off. We all got to do some more exploring with your new toys. Best of all Nana finally gets to see you walk.

It was a happy birthday baby boy.


Nana said...

What a wonderful birthday bash!! Sorry I missed it. But the most exciting part was seeing you walk and play with all your new toys. You are getting so strong! You don't even hold onto anything when you stand up. Ahhh, I remember those days. I think Mommy is right, you must have a little Tigger in you to make you bounce so happy! I can't wait to see you again. I can hardly believe you're already one!

Erin said...

I keep forgetting to send you my photos. Here they are
Kodak Gallery Birthday

Thanks for having us over. The decorations were great!

Stephanie said...

Erin, thank you so much for the pics. We didn't get any of him opening presents.