Friday, September 19, 2008

What a Wonderful World

Yesterday, after returning from playgroup, I was reminded of what an amazing father my husband is. While dumping sand out of my son's shoes, pants, and diaper it became obvious that a bath was in order. Then it hit me, I haven't given this cherub a bath since he was about four-months old.
You see, in our house, bathtime ( for that matter any activity after 6 pm) is sacred "Daddy Time". NO MOMS ALLOWED! Although I have witnessed, occasionally participated in it, this ritual, I have not actually bathed my son since he took the leap into the "big tub".
Karl finally got to hear that sweet ringing today. The call from me; Honey, where do you put the dial on the faucet to get the water to the right temperature for the baby's bath?
So yeah, I'm pretty lucky. And grateful. And overjoyed. My husband is top banana in my book.


Belinda said...

You know yesterday when I saw your pictures from the park. I thought, man that kid looks like Karl. I hate to say that, especially since I know how tough it can be to hear after all the up front work you did on this job!

But looking at this picture of Teige close up, I truly see you - the shape of his eyes, his cutey patootie nose and his mouth. Here is is completely all you.

Good job Momma - what a gorgeous kid!

Belinda said...

Urgh! I see a typo. Last line should be: Here he is completely all you.


audrey said...

Yes I agree you are are very Lucky woman but I am a very lucky mother-in-law to have Karl as a son in law